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Counseling Services Available

Affair Recovery - helping couples work through the secrets, lies, betrayal of an affair. Working toward genuine sorrow and forgiveness leading to the rebuilding of a healthy, happy, fulfilling marriage.

Pre-marital Counseling - helping couples prepare for a successful marriage.  Topics covered may include good communication skills, conflict resolution skills, understanding each others expectations, financial planning, intimacy, love languages.  Sessions uniquely tailored for each couples.

Rapid Trauma Resolution – physical, emotional, and sexual trauma can be resolved while remaining comfortably relaxed as the negative influence from the traumatic events are eliminated.  The realization is made that these experiences are finished and gone.

Individual Therapy – treatment for many mental health issues and disorders including: anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, trauma resolution, smoking cessation, weight loss, stress and anger management, grief and loss and others.

Couples Counseling – therapy for relationship issues would include dating counseling, marriage counseling, conflict resolution, and improved communication skills working toward closer emotional connection and increased intimacy.

Family Therapy – includes family counseling, parenting skills training, improved communication skills, parent-child relationship counseling, and sibling rivalry. 

Anger Management - learning to recognize the signs and triggers to catch anger before it is out of control then learning coping skills to adjust your responses.  We all experience the emotion of anger and we also choose how we will respond to that emotion.


"The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time."  - Dean Acheson

Carma Kuhn is a professional counselor in Melbourne, Florida, specializing in affair recovery and all forms of relationship counseling, trauma resolution, and anger management. 
A CIGNA Insurance Provider.