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"We met Carma during a despairing time in our 15 year marriage and did not have much initial hope for repairing our relationship before counseling. Carma has an amazing ability to uncover the underlying problems quickly allowing us to move towards a path of real change. It is now three years later and we still use Carma as a resource for all aspects of our lives. Her tools and experience have helped us achieve a much stronger marriage and family life than we could have ever imagined."

(Mr. and Mrs. F)

"I wanted to tell you that you make a difference in people's lives and I am so happy that we crossed paths and you helped us to come back from a very dark period in our lives to be at our very best.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, words are not enough."

(Mrs. T)

"We are in Rome, Italy, celebrating our wedding anniversary. We couldn't be any happier on this trip. I hope you will count us as a success story. Your guidance, our hard work and infinite love for one another have made it possible."

(Mr. and Mrs. D)

Carma Kuhn is a professional counselor in Melbourne, Florida specializing in affair recovery and all forms of relationship counseling, trauma resolution, and anger management.